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Win Big With Us in the Sic Bo Online Game

Sic Bo is a Chinese origin game, and it came to the US through Chinese immigrants. Over the years, Sic Bo has become popular as it provides the thrill of Roulette and is played with three dice. 

Playing the Sic Bo is straightforward; dealers will roll the dice, and you need to bet on the outcome. Moreover, at 11Horses, we provide you with numerous Sic Bo online betting options.

Types of Sic Bo Game We Offer

Big and Small Bets

For a big online Sic Bo bet, you need to hope that numbers will come between 11-17 after adding the numbers on the dice. However, three sixes on the three dice will result in a loss.

For a small online Sic Bo bet, you need to hope that numbers will come between 4-10.

Specific Triples Bet

In this bet, you need to bet that a specific number will come on rolled three dice.

Any Triples Bet

In this bet, you need to bet on the outcome of any number between 1-6 on the three dice.

Doubles Bet

In this bet, you need to bet on the outcome that two or three dice will have the same number.

Dice Combination Bet

In this  Sic Bo online casino bet, you need to choose two numbers and hope that they will appear on the rolled dice. 

Three Dice Total

This is one of the popular Sic Bo online casino games, where you need to guess the exact number of the three dice.

Single Dice Bet

In this bet, you need to choose a specific number between 1-6, and the winning amount varies on the chosen number.

Here are some additional bets you can find at 11Horses that allow you to make money.

  • Odd and Even Bets
  • Four Number Combination
  • Three Single Number Combination
  • Specific Double and Single Number

Top Best Sic Bo Casino

Finding the best casino for playing Roulette, Teen Patti, SicBo, or any other games can be time & effort-consuming. That’s where 11Horses come into the picture. We allow you to play the super Sic Bo game with real money. Furthermore, we have listed down a few of the best casinos where you can play games.

  • Casino Days
  • Big Baazi
  • 10CRIC
  • Bettilt
  • Live Casino House
  • Happy Luke

How to Play Sic Bo Online

  • Log in to the 11Horses website and select the Sic Bo game.
  • Choose your wager amount. However, you should not stretch your limits for a SicBo bet.
  • Place on the bet, where chances of outcomes are higher. It will increase your winning probability.
  • Wait for the dealer to reveal the outcome.
  • You will win if your bet matches the numbers on the dice.
  • You can place new bets.

Start Playing Sic Bo Today with 11Horses!

At 11Horses, we offer a wide range of betting options. Visit our website and start placing the bet.

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